Friday, July 22, 2011

Beat the heat -- And win tasty, cold FroyoWorld goodness!!

OK, so this blog is all about going outside and being active and doing fun things. But sometimes – like when it’s 95 degrees outside and there is a soupy layer of asthma-inducing ozone invading the area – you’ve got to take it inside.
Luckily, there are plenty of fun and active (or semi-active) things to do in doors around here. These are my ideas for getting OUT of the hot sun and IN to the air conditioning for some good times.

  1. Hit up the climbing gym!
There’s one right in New Haven, guys. It’s called CT Rock Gym. And there are a couple in the area – Prime Climb in Wallingford is awesome too. You can rent shoes and a harness, take a lesson and get on the walls. It’s safe. It’s fun. And it gets you pumped. And there is no need for bug spray.

  1. This is going to seem out of place, but it’s not really: Free art galleries at Yale University. Yes, I said free.
Mother and Child, Picasso
The Yale University Art Gallery and Center for the British Arts are two of the best kept secrets in New Haven. Both are on Chapel Street between High and York. At the Art Gallery, you can view works by world-famous artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Hopper, Warhol. At the British gallery, check out hundreds of paintings, sculptures, prints and rare books and manuscripts. Workout-wise, you’re not likely to get the same flash pump you might get from “sending” an overhanging 5.10 at the climbing gym, but there are plenty of stairs to scale at these art galleries.

BONUS: After the galleries, stop by FroyoWorld Frozen Yogurt Lounge on High Street for a tasty frozen yogurt treat. Cool off with creative flavor concoctions like peach tea tart, kissed cherries and mango swirl. It’s right around the corner from the Yale Center for British Arts. (Read to the bottom to find out how to win FREE FroyoWorld goodness.)

  1. This one’s obvious: indoor swimming pools.
The Soundview YMCA in Branford is a great family choice. Day passes are $10 for adults or $8 for kids. Make sure to check the Soundview pool schedule for what times are best for family fun or swimming laps. Kids in New Haven can find cool things to do at the New Haven YMCA Youth Center on Howe Street. Membership to the youth center is $45 a year and gives kids access to an indoor swimming pool, indoor basketball hoops and a game room. For more information, call the Soundview YMCA at 203-481-9622 and the Youth Center at 203-776-9622.

  1. Yoga
So this one might not cool you down, because yoga studios keep it pretty toasty to boost your flexibility. But you stay out of the sun nonetheless and can get your heart rate up without choking on ozone. Here are a few local places to check out: Fresh Yoga, Bikram Yoga New Haven, Breathing Room, and Balanced Hot Yoga Studio.

  1. Last but not least: the public library.
Sawtooth mountains, Idaho
New Haven Free Public Library may not be the best place for active adventure. But it provides the next best thing: Access to hundreds of books to plan your next outdoor adventure. I plan on stopping by the library to check out some books for a backpacking trip in Idaho’s Sawtooth mountains I hope to take this August.

Now I want to hear from you: What are you and your family doing to beat the heat this summer? And here’s an incentive, the nice people of FroyoWorld have offered up $10 worth of gift certificates for their yummy yogurt treats. To be entered for a chance to win, just comment here about your idea for summer adventure or recommend this blog on Facebook! I will pick one name at random to win the prize. While you’re at it, check it out FroyoWorld’s Facebook page and give them a friendly “like.” Cheers!


  1. My beat the heat strategy? Simple--sit in front of Romeo & Cesare's, take my shoes off, and just blast my feet with the hose whenever I feel too hot!

  2. Criterion Cinemas downtown. If it's a sticky night catch the midnight special. Or June 21 – August 17 they have a kids film fest for FREE. (not NH location)